SESI Behavior Expert Featured in K-12 Dive


Diane Myers, Ph.D., senior vice president of behavior at SESI, discusses bringing joy to the classroom.

K-12 Dive, a publication that gives insight into impactful news and trends shaping K-12 education, featured SESI’s Diane Myers in an article highlighting the importance of infusing joy into learning, especially with all the unique challenges students and teachers are facing during the pandemic.

“Educators are also reminding themselves of why they entered the teaching profession and why they want to stay committed to this work, even when it’s difficult, Myers said. She noted further, “The ones that are really committed to the work have, even more so, began to value the reasons that they do this and understand how meaningful the impact that they have on their students can be.”

Myers said other school and classroom routines that emphasize positive and supportive behaviors, such as positive behavioral intervention supports, are also contributing to teacher and student happiness.

“I think we’ve really been able to use the systems we have set up to structure these joyful moments and to really make them part of our ongoing system,” she said.

Read the entire article here.

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