After months of remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, the High Road School of Massachusetts wanted to ensure a return to full in-person classes to best serve its students with disabilities especially struggling with attending school virtually.

Unlike other schools around the area that have taken on a hybrid mix of in-person instruction and virtual learning upon return to school for the 2020-2021 school year, or chosen to remain fully remote, the High Road School of Massachusetts reopened Sept. 2 with a full in-person model. The return to the classroom was necessary, Education Director Jill Hunt said, due to the school’s mission of serving students in grades 6-12 with disabilities that struggle in the public school system.

“The unexpected time away from them in the physical classroom was very difficult for both the kids and the families because of the disabilities they have, so having them back in person has been really important for them so that way, we can address their social-emotional needs as well as their academic needs. We are so excited to have them back and see their faces and work with them every day.”

– Jill Hunt, Education Director

The interview was published by The Enterprise