Catapult Learning’s Shirley Torho, Manager of Student and Family Support, was recently quoted in an article focusing on the uncertainty regarding the upcoming fall semester at universities. The quote was published by the Washington Informer, a weekly newspaper covering news, issues, and features relating to the African American community of Washington D.C.

“When students return to school buildings, teachers and administrators will have the formidable duty of helping them regain academic ground while also creating a culture that cultivates community and promotes culturally responsive teaching practices,” Shirley Torho, manager of Catapult Learning, told The Informer.

“In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, some students have lost family and friends, community members, and even teachers” Torho noted. “The recent social uprisings in neighborhoods across the United States have added yet another layer of complexity and will require school leaders and classroom teachers to tackle difficult conversations and address their students’ unique needs, including experiences with trauma.”

“Rebuilding will be a daunting task,” she said. “While paying attention to students’ academic success is imperative, I believe it is essential to use a whole-child approach that accounts for their social and emotional development, mental health, connection to their families and communities, and their interests inside and outside the classroom.”

This story was published by The Washington Informer