As an education and behavioral health solutions provider employing more than 5,000 people and serving tens of thousands of children and families, FullBloom is built upon a foundation of equity and justice. It is in that spirit that we express our outrage over the senseless killing of George Floyd, and the subsequent unrest in so many of our communities.

At times when the ugly side of the American experience reveals itself and it feels like the forces of racism and oppression are prevailing, our civic leaders often look for hope and guidance in the words of Martin Luther King. One of Dr. King’s more frequently quoted lines is, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Those words are soothing and encouraging, but they were not meant to suggest that arriving at justice is inevitable. It is our job to bend the arc and shorten the journey toward justice.

Our company was founded on the simple, yet audacious mission of helping those children with the greatest needs. As educators and healthcare professionals working with children across this diverse country, we are in a unique position to help bend the arc. So what can we do? We will join together to replace our feelings of anger and helplessness with focus and determination.

So many of our children, and team members, come from the communities that are in anguish. Whether in our schools and centers or through Zoom and Google Classroom, we will use our platform to ensure that they are heard and seen. We will give them the emotional tools to work through the trauma and the knowledge to understand the world around them. We will help them develop the skills to make good decisions and the empathy to treat every person they encounter with dignity and respect.

And we will do our part to bend the arc as quickly as possible.